CRO Screening Services for CNS Drug Discovery and Drug Development

NeuroProof supports as a contract research organization, CRO, with its services CNS drug discovery, preclinical, and clinical research. Our services cover a wide range of drug development from single tests to integrated projects:

  • Assay development from the adaption of existing assays to developing sophisticated assay batteries with patient-derived cell lines.
  • Compound screening
  • Compound characterization and profiling
  • Compound prioritization studies
  • Repositioning or repurposing projects for compound libraries
  • Compound optimization programs
  • Deconvolution of mode of action
  • Target validation
  • Neurotoxicity assays
  • Neurodevelopmental Toxicity assays


Functional Phenotypic Screening with MEA's 

For its services, NeuroProof has available its microelectrode array technologies, biomolecular assays and sophisticated AI-based data analysis.

Functional Phenotypic Assays:

  • Functional compound screening of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals with our cell-based MEA assay screening
  • Classification of novel compounds into their respective compound classes,
  • Prediction of functional side effects (seizures/convulsions, sedation).
  • Maturation and development of neuronal networks ().
  • Evaluation of optimal compound combinations.
  • Electrical stimulation assay


CNS Disease Models:

NeuroProof has developed several unique disease models for neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases. For customer-specific applications, we can adapt these models, or we develop new in vitro disease models in collaboration with our customers. For rare diseases, for example, NeuroProof can perform complete project management from sourcing of iPSC cells to differentiating neuronal cell cultures, assay validation, and compound screening.


Molecular assays for orthogonal screens

NeuroProof offers its molecular tests within integrated or single projects on the base of our neuronal cell cultures with primary or human iPSC derived neurons.


Data Analysis

NeuroProof has outstanding experience in data analysis, which incorporates classical statistical methods, multivariate statistics and modern pattern recognition and artificial intelligence-based approaches. For each study plan offered to our customers NeuroProof delineates a detailed data analysis with adequate tool selection.

We offer data analysis for spike train MEA recoded data as a stand-alone service.


Collaborative Projects

NeuroProof has initiated the development of new classes of assays with proprietary technologies for specific diseases with a high translational component. NeuroProof is looking for partners for the further advancing of these technologies.


This assay is modeling electrophysiological symptoms of schizophrenia in an in vitro assay. We stimulated schizophrenic behavior with a new form of immunological stimulation. The validation of the model is ongoing.


With this assay, we have developed a new sort of ictal activity pattern in hippocampal neuronal cell cultures by interrupting developmental processes.


Effective and Reliable Project Management

NeuroProof performs projects as fee for service, FFS or full-time equivalent, FTE projects. NeuroProof delivers its services in compliance with industrial standards and at a high quality. Our experts delineate with our customers first a detailed study plan with clear deliverables and timelines. A proactive communication during the projects informs about study progress, results and necessary adjustments.

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