Dr. Olaf Schröder, CEO

Dr. Olaf H.-U. Schröder is a mathematician working in computational neuroscience and pattern recognition with applications for screening technologies in CNS drug discovery. As one of the founders of NeuroProof he is heading the company as CEO.

Dr. Olaf Schröder is responsible for strategic management and business development. Before joining NeuroProof he developed several software applications in bioinformatics and pattern recognition, e.g. for image recognition, proteomics and spectroscopy. He managed projects in multivariate data analysis in life sciences in commercial and granted projects. He has been working in the field of MEA spike train analysis for more than 18 years now. Supported by PATTERN EXPERT he developed specific data analysis methods for the interpretation of chemically stimulated neuronal networks on micro-electrode arrays together with his co-workers.

He presented his results in scientific publications and on international conferences.