Receptor target validation

We have demonstrated, in many examples a receptor validation with standard pharmacology methods. For this, we pretreat cultures with a confirmed antagonist of a specific receptor and test a compound in an MEA experiment if this pretreatment neutralizes the compound effect.

We also offer target validation in our disease models or with our cell culture systems. Our target validation delivers valuable data for your preclinical research programs as even additional data for your clinical phase II trials to assess the therapeutic relevance of your drug targets in orthogonal assays.

Our parallel screening in our complex cell systems from murine or human sources with functional electrophysiological, molecular and genetic read-outs will improve your drug development projects with robust data for expected clinical efficacy.

For target validation in specific disease areas, we have developed a broad range of disease models. Or we offer specific disease models with iPSC derived neuronal cells from patients.

With our Electrophysiological MEA read-outs, we can assess the functional effect of a potential treatment, which is vital for a predicted efficacy. Ask us for a prospective study plan.

We combine our molecular read-outs with our MEA data, and data are stemming from identical probes.

With this, we can perform in-depth analysis with our AI technologies for a pathway-analysis, and we can compare effects on your targets with our databases.

We offer the following read-outs and tools:

  • Receptor pharmacology with a confirmed antagonist
  • Western Blotting
  • ELISA assay
  • shRNA interference
  • screening with patient iPSC derived neuronal cell cultures
  • Immunostaining and microscopy
  • Genetic expression profiles with RNA sequencing from whole-cell culture
  • or with single-cell RNA sequencing
  • Pathway analysis with our AI tools.


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