Epilepsy Developmental Model

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Cutting-edge In Vitro Epilepsy Model for Advanced Research

Unlock the potential of groundbreaking research with NeuroProof's innovative in vitro screening assay tailored for investigating the effects of novel antiepileptic compounds. Our meticulously crafted assay features neuronal networks derived from embryonic hippocampus neurons cultivated on state-of-the-art MEA chips, which, under specific culture conditions, spontaneously exhibit ictal-like activity. This sophisticated model faithfully replicates epileptogenic effects, characterized by synchronous burst events lasting over 5 seconds. Notably, our findings demonstrate that anticonvulsive agents such as carbamazepine and valproic acid effectively mitigate these prolonged burst events, without altering the duration of bursts in healthy hippocampus networks.

Visual Insight: Unveiling Neuronal Activity

Gain valuable insights into neuronal behavior with our captivating visuals. Explore a screenshot from our hippocampus network, revealing burst events exceeding 10 seconds in duration. Arrows meticulously annotate short synchronous burst events preceding the onset of ictal discharges, providing a clear depiction of the underlying activity.


Image: Screenshot from hippocampus network revealing burst events with >10 s burst duration. Arrows indicate short synchronous burst events preceding the ictal discharges.


Empowering Research with NeuroProof Technology

Our cutting-edge NeuroProof technology offers a transformative approach to understanding the complexities of epileptogenesis. By elucidating the mechanisms underlying pro-convulsive compounds and their role in resolving ictal discharges, our platform provides invaluable insights into epilepsy research. Witness how during these ictal discharges, bursts coalesce into longer duration events, intermittently impacting frontal cortex activity.


Hippocampus native activity:

50 µM carbamazepine:

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