Cell Viability and Cytotoxicity Assay Services

In combination with our MEA analysis or as a stand-alone service we provide a complete report for toxicity profiling and safety screening including information about acute or chronic cell viability and cytotoxicity assessed by:

  • MTT assay (endpoint analysis)
  • LDH assay (non-invasive multiwell analysis of culture medium)
  • Necrosis assay (CytoTox™ DNA staining)
  • Apoptosis assay (Annexin-V)
  • Proliferation assay (EdU staining)
  • Extracellular protease detection assay (non-invasive multiwell analysis of culture medium)
  • Customized cell stainings:
    • specific loss of neurons, glia cells, or sub-populations (e.g. GABAergic, dopaminergic neurons),
    • neurite detection and quantification
    • synapse numbers
    • activation of microglia


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