Company History

NeuroProof GmbH was founded as a Spin-Off of the University of Rostock in 2007 by Dr. Olaf Schröder, Dr. Alexandra Voß, Prof. Dieter G. Weiss and M.O.R.E Invest as Seed Investor.


The young and dynamic team of NeuroProof includes highly skilled professionals with strong expertise in cell culture, neuroproofbiology and computational neuroproofscience. We are focused to deliver our services at highest quality standards and in strict timelines.

Our leadership team:
Konstantin Jügelt, PhD: CTO

Konstantin studied neuroproofbiology at the University of Rostock, where he continued his PhD studies in an interdisciplinary project, researching on multiparametric data analyses of primary neuroproofnal networks on microelectrode arrays and setting up the MEA-neuro chip systems. He joined the project spin-off NeuroProof, establishing the MEA electrophysiology laboratory and leading the electrophysiology and data analysis group. Konstantin, now CTO, is responsible for developing and incorporating technological advances for multi-well MEA technologies, automated systems for higher throughput, and a centralized laboratory information management system. He is the internal consultant for bioinformatics and is also responsible for the quality systems management.


The team has a successful record of customer projects and scientific grants with national and international partners. Within these projects NeuroProof has learned from its partners and customers how to serve best with its innovative technology and to design successful drug discovery projects. Customers are pharmaceutical companies from USA, Japan, China and Europe and nutraceutical companies from USA and Europe.

Business Model

NeuroProof performs its service as a contract research organization, CRO, on a fee for service or full time equivalent collaborations. The company continuously increases its capacity to serve its customers in strict timelines and at highest quality standards. The majority of initial projects led to long term collaborations.

Laboratory and Equipment

  • 6000 square feet laboratory
  • MEA recording stations with 48 wells
  • 3 cell culture labs and clean room
  • Biological safety S2 level certification
  • Molecular biology lab
  • Imaging lab