Data Analysis Services of MEA Experiments

NeuroProof offers its capabilities as a service to analyze customer's electrophysiological data from microelectrode array setups. Customers can benefit from our experience which we gained during the last 15 years. The service includes in vivo and in vitro studies with microelectrode array setups, quality analyses of spike train data and action potential wave form analyses.

After a first inspection of the customer's data we can propose a data analysis concept which fits customer’s requests. If needed, spike train data can be reanalyzed by off line unit separation. Spike train data can be characterized by over 200 activity describing parameters, covering changes in the general activity, the burst structure, the oscillatory behavior, network synchronicity and connectivity. By statistical analysis on the basis of multivariate statistics customers gain reproducible and valid results, supporting their drug discovery and drug development process.

Additionally, NeuroProof offers the development of customized software applications for MEA derived data.

Our services cover all levels of MEA-neurochip data analysis; spike train analysis, multivariate data analysis and building up of in house data bases.

A short introduction to our data analysis you can find here.



Image: Multi-parametric data analysis enables quantification of compounds effects on general activity, burst structure, regularity and synchronicity and therefore phenotypic profiling (right, carbamazepine).


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