Combination and Adjunctive Therapy

The combination of new compounds with marketed drugs for combination therapy is a promising approach to generate new therapeutic opportunities. The identification of the ideal combination of compounds at an optimal ratio and concentration requires a large number of sensitive tests.

NeuroProof offers a cost-effective and elegant assay to screen compound combinations with a phenotypic read out.

Using NeuroProof's complex data analysis it is possible to detect new and unexpected effects in drug combinations which can be exploited for new therapeutic applications. The precise and highly reproducible data allows the exact determination of optimal ratios of compound mixtures.

Image: acute application of combination of compounds allws answering various questions such as increased/decreased potency, synergistic or additive effects in a concentration-dependent manner. Left: Potency is increased 5-fold by adding 25 % of compound 2 to 75 % of compound 1.

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