CNS Drug Screening Technology

NeuroProof’s passion is to offer disruptive new technologies for CNS drug discovery for the development of new CNS medications with therapeutic efficacy and at lower costs.

NeuroProf’s screening platform was developed first for the functional screening with dissociated neuronal cell cultures on microelectrode arrays combined with artificial-intelligence data analysis.

With this NeuroProof has developed a toolbox to perform services in many applications

Neuronal Cell Cultures

Complex primary neuronal cell cultures as a co-culture of different cell types warrant a high physiological relevance. Cultures taken from human sources guarantee receptor consistency or are the basis for patient-derived disease models or applications in precision medicine.

Microelectrode Array Recordings

MEA neurochip recording is a label-free functional screening method, using living neuronal cell cultures. This method is quite similar to in vivo experiments and therefore these experiments demonstrate a superior predictivity.

Data Analysis

MEA-recording read-outs are very complex and often subtle. Compounds targeting brain diseases should act without almost changing brain activity. To identify electrophysiological signatures relevant for pathological conditions or even better correlating with clinical symptoms, is a challenge for data analysis of MEA recording experiments and parallel molecular read-outs.

NeuroProof is a pioneer in spike train data analysis, the read-outs of MEA experiments, and has developed its proprietary tools for this.

Combined with comprehensive experiences in artificial intelligence and sophisticated artificial intelligence and pattern recognition, these biological read-outs deliver results enabling our partners to develop convincing therapeutic solutions.

NeuroProof develops substance databases to speed up drug discovery and drug development processes. A comparison to compounds on the market helped and helps our partners to profile heir compounds in the drug development process. These databases can also be used to predict in silico compounds for their potential activity. With this screening campaigns for repositioning or repurposing promise a great success.

Molecular Biology Assays

Orthogonal molecular biology assays give valuable results to validate drug targets and clarify mechanisms of action. Physiological relevant of neuronal cell cultures improves the relevance and reproducibility of molecular screening assays.

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